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Ozarks Cave Explorers Club

Ozarks Cave Explorers Club

Beneath the landscape of the Ozarks, there are thousands of caves. Each year, more caves are discovered in the region. Of the thousands of the caves that exist in the Ozarks, around 24 caves are open to the public for visitation. In 2019, it’s estimated that nearly one million people visited these caves. These natural attractions, called showcaves, tourist caves or commercial caves, allow people an opportunity to discover a world that lies underfoot and out-of-sight. When you visit at least three caves in Missouri or Arkansas, you’re eligible to receive an Ozarks Cave Explorer's Badge.

Are you interested in exploring the caves of the Ozarks?

Earn an Ozarks Cave Explorers Badge by visiting at least three caves listed on the Missouri Caves Association’s Explorer’s Club Passport.

  • Print out the Explorer’s Club Passport (printable passport pdf)
  • Have the passport stamped or initialed when you visit a cave in Missouri or Arkansas (visit at least three).
  • Mail the completed passport to:
    • Judy Turilli
      Missouri Caves Association
      PO Box 948
      Stanton, MO 63079

MCA Cave Explorers Club passport checklist

Every cave has something different to offer!

Caves, and the karst terrain in which they are found, are rich in resources and act as sanctuaries for unique species. Cave tours provide information about the history and geology of the area and inspire conservation. There are benefits to spending time in a cave. It can be quality time with family and friends, creating memorable outings while at home or traveling, or sparking interests in science and the environment. Connecting with nature can boost mental and physical well-being, improve concentration, increase energy and reduce stress.

Caves in Missouri:

Caves in Arkansas:

Visitor resources produced by Fantastic Caverns

Fantastic Caverns has a long history of providing free visitor resources, such as maps, key holders, brochures, and both printed and digital directories to ensure visitors can easily navigate all the Ozarks has to offer. And Now, Fantastic Caverns is participating in the Missouri Caves Association’s Ozarks Cave Explorer Passport Program.


And Now, Fantastic Caverns is participating in the Missouri Caves Association’s Ozarks Cave Explorer Passport Program.

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